We Need Sponsors for Education

Classes for the Kekchi Bible Institute Christian School will begin January 2023! We are excited about the opportunity to invest spiritually and academically in the lives of 40 1st graders this year. If you would be interested in sponsoring part of a classroom (teachers’ salaries) please let us know. Your support of this project allows us to offer education to indigenous Kekchi children at a very small monthly tuition. Many of the village kids will be going to school on a scholarship. They will pay $6.50 a month. The founders of the school, Jimmy and Shelley Dinsmore are working hard to keep the cost down and still pay the teachers a fair wage. 1st grade has 2 teachers in each room since students are learning to read and many in their second language, so that’s $900 a month per classroom. It’s basically $40 per kid. This will be adjusted based on the number of non-scholarship students in each class. Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in all of Latin America because even in schools children do not learn how to read for comprehension or build meta-cognitive skills. This opportunity is life changing!  

We would love for you to be part of this project to help these kids in rural villages receive a proper education. You can find giving information for donating specifically to the school project by clicking here.  Support School

100% of funds directed through this page go directly to the school project with 0% taken for administrative costs. This is your investment in the lives of real people, making a difference that will change generations to come.

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