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Teaching in the Kekchi Bible Institute

In July, we finished teaching in the current semester at the Kekchi Bible Institute (KBI). Our computer classes went well and all of our students have another skill to add to their ministry tool belt. They will be able to use tools such as word processing and Power Point to grow their own ministry when they plant their new churches.

The Church is Growing

Since the beginning of this year, the church at the Kekchi Bible Institute (KBI) is experiencing tremendous growth. Former KBI students, Pastor Rony and his wife Miriam, along with a team of KBI students are constantly busy evangelizing in the local villages surrounding the KBI property. In September we celebrated the baptism of 7 new Christians including children. Yes! The Kingdom of God is growing in Guatemala.

Village Ministry

Village ministry is at the center of our involvements here in Guatemala. It’s why we work with the Bible School, scholarship students, and support indigenous pastors.

Pastor Mateo continues to evangelize in the village of El Limón. We continue to assist in his efforts and provide monthly financial support. We also fund, as we can, the construction and expansion of the facilities in this village. We currently need to build a new kitchen for the Pastoral home and church. Please let us know if you would like to help with this project. The expense is approximately $2,000.

Pastor Pedro has served as pastor in Centro Campesino for 23 years. He is also a church planter and oversees a network of around a dozen new churches in Guatemala. Whenever a new church gets planted we receive a request to put a roof on it. In August we put on roof number 8.

Scholarship Program – this year we provided scholarship for 20 students desiring an education beyond elementary grades. Next month is the end of the school year here and we get to attend several graduations.

Benevolence – In August we provided financial aid for medical care for 2 individuals. One was a scholarship student who was very ill and needed medication. The other was the mother of some of our other students who had severely broken her collar bone and required surgery.

Our New Airplane!

Our new (to us) Cessna Skyhawk 172 airplane is now in Guatemala! Getting her transported from North Texas to the Petén, Guatemala proved to be quite an endeavor. We went to the states in mid-August thinking we could accomplish this transfer within a couple of weeks. However, we were met with multiple delays.

Jim was scheduled for additional flight training to obtain a Commercial Pilot License. For the past few years he has maintained licenses in both the U.S. and Guatemala. This meant maintaining the requirements for both countries. The new, more advanced, certification will allow for the Guatemala license to expire and to operate wholly on a U.S. license.  

Although there were many delays we were met with the tremendous favor of our Father God at every turn. When we arrived in the states, the plane was not quite ready. Another ministry had graciously upgraded the communication and navigation systems for us and put the plane in the shop to undergo an annual inspection. This inspection revealed that some parts needed to be replaced in the ignition system and a new wiring harness needed to be made.

Further delays included:

  1. Difficulty in securing a flight instructor for Jim to finish his Commercial Pilot License.
  2. Difficulty in scheduling the FAA flight exam, as the examiner and his entire family became very ill.
  3.  Oil leaks! While putting the plane into the hangar after the exam, Jim noticed an oil drip and discovered that there was a leak. He flew the plane back to the shop for repair. The fix took a few days.

At last the journey south began.

Jim flew to Mineral Wells, Texas to pick up another pilot, Fred Griffin, who had gifted us the plane back in November 2021. He agreed to make the flight to Guatemala with Jim. After entering Mexico, while about 30 miles from Tampico, the control tower informed them that the weather had closed in and the airport did not have visual conditions. This means you must land using instrumentation. Jim was glad he had gotten his instrument rating a few years ago. These conditions continued for the rest of the trek back to Guatemala.

Jim and Fred landed in Flores on Saturday the 17th of September. It had been quite the adventure over the previous 4 days.

Despite the delays and problems, God’s hand was so evident the whole time. Here are a few examples:

  1. The mechanic doing the inspection was so thorough and left no leaf un-turned. He had over 8,000 hours as a crop duster and knew that Jim was going to be in and out of short unpaved airstrips in Guatemala. He suggested that the cruise prop be changed out for a climb prop (important for short field take-offs). It looked like this swap would cost about $3,000. But we found a prop shop south of Memphis that could re-pitch the prop for $200. 
  2. The data plate on the tail was worn smooth and unreadable. FAA regulations require this plate. A new one from the manufacturer, Cessna, costs $2,500. After speaking with the technician at Cessna, he informed Jim that the origin plate for the year model of our plane was in the door frame, and that the plate on the tail was produced by the owner. So $10 at a trophy shop solved the problem.
  3. Because Jim is a missionary, the FAA examiner decided to waive his $600 fee.
  4. God provided noise cancelling head phones and even sunglasses.
  5. God provided money for fuel to make the long journey home.
  6. All of the repairs, inspections and upgrades were graciously funded by another ministry amounting to over $50,000.  

We believe God’s favor, grace and protection were with us throughout this entire process. We are confident and “… We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Rom. 8:28

KBI Christian School is Coming Along!

The first 2 classrooms (1st grade) are finished and ready for 40 1st grade students at the new KBI Christian Elementary school. We are asking for sponsorship of classrooms so that we can invest in teachers and the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Each classroom will be equipped with its own library and supplies. In reaching out to families of local Kekchi villages, we plan to keep the tuition low and supplement the cost with sponsorship from the States. So we need people who will give monthly to sponsor students, classrooms and the school operational costs.

Monthly classroom support can start at just $25 every month. A total monthly expense for each class is $950. This pays the teacher’s salary (two teachers in each first grade classroom), electricity and monthly school supplies. Your support of this project allows us to offer education to indigenous Kekchi children at a very small monthly tuition. Class sizes are limited to 20 students.

We would love for you to be part of this project to help these kids in rural villages receive a proper education. You can find giving information for donating specifically to the school project by clicking here.  Support School

100% of funds directed through this page go directly to the school project with 0% taken for administrative costs. This is your investment in the lives of real people, making a difference that will change generations to come.

Family News

And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.

Deut. 6:5-7

What a beautiful day! We celebrated our newest grandson, Joseph Benjamin DeHart, in his dedication to the Lord on August 28. We were charged as a family to recognize Joseph as a gift from God and dedicate ourselves to being a godly example to love, encourage and point Joseph to Christ. These celebrations create stones of remembrances to remind us to always pray for and disciple our children in the Lord. We are so grateful for this time with our family.

Ryleigh celebrates her 9th birthday.

We also enjoyed celebrating our third grandchild’s birthday. In August Ryleigh completed 9 years. She is full of ideas and is proving to be very entrepreneurial. She loves to sing, dance, write, draw and create. And, she is learning Spanish with her Papa Jim.

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