A New Opportunity

Through Christian Education

We have been serving in Guatemala since 2009.  Our Focus – is the Petén jungle of northern Guatemala, which has the lowest economic standing in Guatemala, and contains hundreds of rural villages of Kekchi Mayan people. Our heart and passion is to see these communities transformed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of our main objectives is to help train pastors and plant churches in unreached villages.

To accomplish this objective, we serve and train pastors in the Kekchi Bible Institute, founded and built by Jimmy & Shelley Dinsmore. The Dinsmores have lived in the Petén Jungle region of Guatemala since 2006. Serving together in this endeavor is what unites the hearts and vision of the DeHarts and the Dinsmores.

One issue that we see often is that the students have a culturally ingrained world-view that is un-Biblical. Even while attending bible school they need truth to break the bondage of an upbringing of rituals and magic. There is a tremendous need for discipleship at an early age. Therefore, we are focusing our efforts toward a new opportunity through Christian education.

We have felt God moving us to join with the Dinsmores in beginning an elementary school on the Kekchi Bible Institute property. There is a great need in our area for quality education at any level and this school will also provide students with a strong Biblical world-view and an opportunity to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kids that love and know God become our future ministers and Christian leaders. These children will eventually enter a high school specializing in Bible training. The conversion of the current Kekchi Bible Institute (KBI) into an accredited Bible high school (10th-12th grades) is already underway.

We plan to open the KBI Christian School January 2023 and the process to be an accredited primary school is well underway. The building plans are phased to allow for the construction of two new classrooms each year, so we will start with two 1st grade classes and add a new grade each year until we reach grade six. There is plenty of space on the property, the architectural plans are done and the construction of the first two classrooms should start soon to have them ready for next January.

In reaching out to families of local Kekchi villages, families of lowest economic standing, we plan to keep the tuition low and supplement the cost with sponsorship from the States.

To accomplish this vision we need YOU! 

We are asking for sponsorship of classrooms so that we can invest in teachers and the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Each classroom will be equipped with its own library and supplies. We need funds for construction to have facilities completed by the start of the year.

One church has already given funds to build one classroom structure.

But we urgently need your help to finish this very important project. 

Will you help with Construction Costs?

Construction Costs = Now  $45,600

· $30,600—$15,300 to build each building. We need 3 to begin: Two 1st grade classrooms and one for office space.

· $5,000—perimeter fence around primary school area

· $10,000—bathroom facilities

Architectural Rendering of
KBI Christian School

Will you help with Furnishings Costs?

Furnishings Costs = $10,000 to initially equip two classrooms

· $4,000—$100 per desk/chair combo for 20 students in each classroom

· $1,000—bookshelves for supplies and library books

· $2,400—books for classroom libraries

· $2,600—teachers’ desks, whiteboards, cork boards, curriculum, file cabinets, project tables, floor covering for reading areas, sports equipment for PE/recess, and sinks

Will you help with tuition costs?

In reaching out to families of local Kekchi villages, we plan to keep the tuition low and supplement the cost with sponsorship from the States.

· $40 per month or $480 per year — Tuition for one student

· $800 per month or $9,600 per year—Tuition for 1 classroom of 20 students

Ways to Get Involved:

Spread the Word

Use your voice to raise awareness for our cause by sending an email to friends and family.

Hold a Fundraiser

Easily organize a local fundraiser through your school, your company, your family and friends, or in your community.

Volunteer in Guatemala

Depending on Covid restrictions we may invite teams of volunteers to work on predetermined projects and tasks based on their skills and interests, and provide much needed love and care to the kids.


Ways to Give:

Give Monthly or Give a Special Gift

Our school needs sustained support to continue adding grades each year. Be there for them!

Donate Online

The easiest way to give is with your credit card or bank draft at:


www.dehart.info and click ‘Donate’ to enter your gift

Donate By Mail or by Phone

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Please include a note/memo “For Jim & Bonnie DeHart”

Employer Matching Gifts

Your employer may double or triple your donation.

Gifts of Stock

We accept direct gifts of stock to maximize your impact. Contact CTEN if you are interested in making a stock donation for this project.

Give with Confidence!

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