This is What Church Planting Looks Like!

Byron, Angelina and their son, Joel in front of their new home.

Recently we attended the graduation at the Kekchi Bible Institute where Kekchi men are trained to be pastors and plant churches in UNREACHED villages in Petén, Guatemala. We had three families and one single complete all of the required courses and receive their much coveted diplomas. One of the families will stay on at KBI to work for the school and the other two families have moved on to plant churches in villages where Jesus Christ is not known. Founder and Director Jimmy Dinsmore visited one of these families last week and following is an account of his visit:

“I got to go visit Byron and Angelina in the village of Se’ Pur. They have been there for almost two weeks in this completely unreached village. There are 874 people in this village and none are Christian. They have to walk 3 blocks to get water when there is no rain but, Angelina said, “It’s only 3 blocks,” and meant it! I couldn’t get through to Byron last night because he doesn’t have a solar panel yet (no running water, no electricity) and he left his phone at a store a block away to charge. They only have two chairs in their house so Angelina couldn’t sit with us at lunch. There are SO many things they are living without, yet they didn’t bring it up with me. They just told me about the great fruit trees on their property, about how much room there will be in the new church building, and about the conversations they are having with their neighbors about Christ. So thankful for these graduates!”

This is what church planting looks like! If you would like to become involved in the work of church planting here in Guatemala there are several ways to give. You may go to directly to Commission to Every Nation at and fill in the appropriate information. You may also click on the “Donate Now” tab on this website.

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