Reaching the Unreached

Planting Three New Churches in 2020!

KBI Students doing the 1st outreach in an unreached Kekchi village.

It is an exciting time here in Petén, Guatemala. God is opening up new avenues to reach the unreached areas of our country. The Kekchi Bible Institute was founded and is directed by missionaries Jim & Shelley Dinsmore. We are blessed to work with this wonderful ministry, both teaching in the Bible School and by serving on the board these past few years. The school is now sending its graduates to plant churches in unreached villages.

An association for the alumni of the school has now been formed to provide a help to the graduates. We have been asked to head the effort to mentor, counsel and encourage the graduates as they plant new works in villages where no church exists. So far three villages are targeted for church plants in the next few months. These new churches can be affiliated with this association as a covering until they are well established and legally formed.

The dean of students, Elias, who is himself a graduate of the school, found 2 unreached villages with a family in each that invited him to come and tell them more about the Gospel. One village, Agua Chiquita, has 50 families but no church. Rodrigo and Mari will be moving there after graduating in December. An outreach was conducted by the bible school students in this village which included games for kids, an evangelistic service and a video presentation. After this outreach, several families expressed interest in learning more about the Gospel and 3 families have accepted Christ. Rodrigo and Mari have been traveling back and forth counseling families and sharing more about the Gospel.

An outreach was conducted in another village called Santuario, which has 1,000 families. There are still no Christians there, but one family said they would accept Christ if a church is started. This is where Giovani, Angelina and their son, Joel, will be working after they graduate.

Work has also begun in a third village named Se’ Pur. There is no Gospel presence in this village but Pedro, Nati, and their daughter Shelita have already moved to that area to begin their work of presenting the Good News to Kekchi people.

We and the Dinsmores are excited as we watch what God is doing here in Petén. Training indigenous people to reach indigenous people is the purpose of the bible school. Seeing new villages reached and new churches planted fulfills that purpose. We have purchased land in the villages mentioned above. But, we still need to purchase more! We are asking you to please consider donating towards this project. We need funds for land and start-up costs to help these families begin their work in these unreached villages of Petén, Guatemala.

Because of faithful partners we are able to share the love and hope of Christ in these very remote places in Petén, Guatemala. If you would like to become involved in our work here in Guatemala there are several ways to give. You may go to directly to Commission to Every Nation at and fill in the appropriate information. You may also visit our website at and click on the “Giving” tab. We would love for you to take a moment to “Subscribe” to receive our latest ministry updates. Also, check out our Facebook page @DeHartMinistryFocus.

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