Pray for Living Water for Agua Chiquita

People gather to hear Mateo preach the Word!

A few weeks ago I (Jim) was invited to go to a small unreached village for the inauguration of their new well. The village is called Agua Chiquita, which means “Little Water”.  This was one of the first places where we invested in property planning for a church plant which would be pastored by a graduate from the Kekchi Bible Institute. There is one family of Christians that moved there and they really want a church. Jimmy Dinsmore, founder and director of the bible school, had put the town council in touch with a well drilling ministry and it has really opened the door for a church plant. The council actually asked for the thanksgiving service.

This small village in Petén gets its name for a spring there. That spring is the main source of water for the community. They built a concrete retaining wall around the area where the water bubbles up to make a small reserve from which to haul water back to their homes. Unfortunately the result is just dirty water that is only suitable to consume after it has been boiled.

But now they have a well. During our visit we were treated with special hospitality, including a traditional chocolate drink.  However, the drink was made from bad water because the pump for the well had not arrived yet. Needless to say, we all got amoebas! It’s amazing that something we take for granted can be so essential to good health. Maybe that’s why Jesus compared new life in Him to Living Water.

The service in the village was a rare occurrence. Jimmy and Shelley Dinsmore led praise and worship, and Mateo (one of the bible school grads) preached to the crowd. We believe that God has something special in store for this village. They are prime soil for a new work. Please pray with us for God to send the right person to pastor these people so that this place of “Little Water” becomes the place of “Living Water”!