Mentoring Church Planters

I (Jim) recently had the opportunity to visit some of the Bible School graduates and their churches. Teaching them is a privilege and we are honored to be a part of their training at the Kekchi Bible Institute. Hearing how the students put into practice what they’ve learned is both rewarding and encouraging.

Giovani and Angelina are serving in an unreached village named SePur. They have seen salvations there while ministering from their home. The pandemic restrictions and the mass exodus of young people heading to the U.S. have been a real challenge. But they are now building a church building for their meetings. In the past we provided funds to help with the building. On this visit we helped them pay to have electricity brought in for their home and the new church. We are praying for and looking forward to the completion of the project soon.

Rony and Miriam, another couple who graduated from the school are pastoring a church in the village of Naranjal. In the Bible School the students are taught how to do baptisms, baby dedications, and such. Many churches have the practice of hiring someone from their church association to come and do these things. But because of his training, Pastor Rony has baptized many people already this year in his village.

Rodrigo and Mari are pastoring in the village of Naranjo, San Luis in the south part of Petén. It’s established work and has about 60 members. Their son, Jackson, had a birthday and the Dinsmore’s (founders of the Bible school) brought him toy trucks and bulldozers. They are capable pastors and are excited to see their church growing even more.

These students go to the more remote areas where they often don’t have utilities, such as electricity and running water. These are the same areas with the greatest need to hear God’s Word and receive His love. It’s important for them to know our support and encouragement. Visiting just to love on them and reassure them was such a joy.

Teaching in the Kekchi Bible Institute:

Over the last couple of weeks we have had the privilege to teach in the Bible School again. It is important for the students to not only learn theology but to add skills to their repertoire to be well rounded as leaders and pastors. In August we taught a computer class to teach word processing and Power Point, illustrating its use in preparing sermons and teaching. This month Jim is preparing to teach the subject of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for physical protection and that everyone be Covid-free so classes can go forward without interruption.

Thank YOU!

We are so grateful to our partners and friends for your support and prayer for us and our ministry here in Petén, Guatemala. We know for some of you it has been a huge challenge to continue giving through the last 1 1/2 years, especially. We thank you for going above and beyond so that this ministry can continue. If you are not yet a financial partner with us we encourage you to pray about what you can do to help these young pastors become successful church planters in the unreached areas of Petén. You may click on the ‘Giving’ tab on our website or go to and follow the instructions for giving.

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