Life-Saving Relief for Hurricane Victims

Village in Chisec/Coban area completely cut off by flood waters
caused by Hurricanes Eta & Iota

Today, Jim is joining a team of missionaries to travel to Chisec about 4 hours south of San Benito (where we live) to bring some relief to 172 families. The town where these families live is completely cut off on all four sides due to flooding caused by the two hurricanes, Eta and Iota that hit in the last two weeks. When they arrive in Chisec Jim, along with Jimmy Dinsmore and his son Silas, Elias Ca Al, and Manuel Garma will have a 40 minute 4X4 trip to the flood waters, then a 30 minute trip on rented kayaks and homemade rafts, before a hike of unknown time to get to the Q’eqche’ villagers who desperately need assistance. All in all, these men are taking approximately $1,000 worth of medicines, blankets, sheets, and essential foods such as rice, noodles, beans, cinnamon and oatmeal. Together with Rocky and Karen Chupa, missionaries with CTEN who live in the area, they will have three trucks and will theoretically take about 4,000 pounds of relief into the village. Pray for safety for all involved; for vehicles to work properly and not get stuck; for kayaks and rafts to float and not sink; for God to supernaturally provide and multiply the 4,000 pounds of relief; and especially for the people there who are in such great need. Thank you for your love, support and encouragement which make it possible for us to help and bless others in need.

Extra items included in the Relief Materials …
  • A box of quilts made by Bonnie’s Mom last year before she went to Heaven
  • Notebooks and crayolas
  • Reading glasses
  • Bubbles to cheer up the kids
  • Book marks made by a church in Texas

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