God is here, He is with us. And He is in control!

To our faithful friends, family and partners we are more than grateful for your support and prayers for us and the people we work with. As many of you know, Jim’s Dad went to his heavenly home on March 16, 2020. Thankfully, that same day Jim was able to cross the border from Guatemala to Belize just hours before it was closed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. He was able to fly back to Houston from there. I (Bonnie) have been in the states since mid-February helping my family close out my Mother’s estate since her passing on January 7, 2020. We feel very blessed to have had this time to be with our families to grieve and process our losses together. However, we find ourselves under the same restrictions as you and are unable to travel back to our home and ministry in Guatemala. But, we will return as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Even though we are in the USA the work in Guatemala continues. With the help of technology and some very special missionary friends, we are in contact helping those whose needs are magnified due to multiple restrictions and the lack of infrastructure.  Some of you have sent extra funds to help our village pastors and their people who cannot work and have no money or transportation to buy food and supplies. You are making it possible for us to continue our ministry projects in Petén with the Kekchi Bible Institute, our scholarship students, etc. Though it is more difficult to work remotely, we are finding ways to be effective. Your extraordinary help at this extraordinary time is absolutely necessary and absolutely appreciated.

The challenges we face are common to everyone during these difficult times. We are praying for you in accordance with what Paul wrote in Philippians 4, that your focus will remain on the Lord, and not just in desperation, but with rejoicing. God is still at work during times of crisis. His will and vision for His kingdom are still being accomplished. We believers have a message to share with those who are stricken by fear and uncertainty. Let’s be ready to share the hope we have in Jesus and to tell the world that …

God is here, He is with us. And He is in control!

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice! Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon. Phil. 4:4-5

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