2022 Petén Scholars Scholarship Program Update

Education makes an enormous difference here in Guatemala! As another school year begins we are thankful for our friends and partners who help make our scholarship program a reality for so many children and young adults. The 2022 school year will begin in January and we just want to let you know how YOU can be a tremendous blessing to some great kids here.

Although education is free and compulsory for grades 1 through 6 in Guatemala, the average student only spends about 4 years in school. Having the lowest literacy rate in Central America, 25.5% of Guatemala’s population is illiterate, with illiteracy rates up to more than 60% in the rural indigenous population. With more than half the population of Guatemalans living below the poverty line, it is hard for children going to school, especially indigenous children, to afford the rising cost of uniforms, books, supplies and transportation — none of which are supplied by the government. Those who desire to go to secondary school have the additional cost of tuition, as these grades are not free. Furthermore, many of the poorest families think that the time spent in school could be better spent working to sustain their own households. But with your prayer and support we can begin to change these odds!

As we plan our budget and field requests for help with education, we are counting on you:

  • We need your help to provide school supplies and books for the primary grades.
  • We need your help to fund the education for Secondary grade students including tuition, books and uniforms.
  • We need your help to scholarship students in vocational training such as accounting, education, engineering, mechanics, nursing, etc.

Our budget for 2022 Petén Scholars Scholarship Program is $4,500. This will cover:

  • Our secondary and vocational scholarship program which averages $425 per year, per student.
  • Primary school supplies in our sponsored village, grades pre-school through 6 is approximately $400.

An education gives these kids a chance for a brighter future. We would love for you to be a part of this wonderful project. Please let us know if you would like to help support education in Guatemala. You may give by clicking on the ‘Giving’ tab on our website or go to www.CTEN.org/jimdehart and follow the instructions for giving.

Give with Confidence!

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